Sean Martin

Yeah, Sean's back in Home again, but he also likes to bust out tunes on his own. He calls this solo project 'Sean Martin' and it's good too.

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Love Songs and Related Topics [2005]

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1. Your trusting eyes
2. It all pays off
3. Constant gravity
4. Because: I'm in love
5. The Wind is Saying
6. Songs of love
7. Help myself
8. Old gold
9. Old gold (part 2)
10. I didn't mean to pass out
11. It's Not Imminent
12. It's Not Them
13. Please
14. I Would Love Some
15. Don't Make Me!
16. I missed your laugh
17. Still don't know how to live

Liner notes:
Sean and Lyra fell in love a few years ago. They've become married and started a family since then. Sean Martin, Home's original drummer, felt compelled to make the album he always had in him, and here it is: Songs of Love...and Related Topics. 12 songs about the way it feels when you get caught up in the sweetness.

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